Rainboots-Great for Wintry Weather, too!

Tina Fey using the rain boots to save her heels.

Rain boots aren’t always fashionable, but they are very functional.

They are saviors in the spring, and a friend in the fall, saving people from puddles of rain and mud one step at a time!

Since the boots are so great, some people are probably saddened by the idea of ditching their rain boots this winter, for a clunkier, chunkier, winter boot. Rain boots have kept your feet dry during those sopping, wet days, and been the quick change shoe you need when leaving a building in your stilettos.

Just because it’s winter now, you don’t have to switch to clunky snow boots; you can keep your feet dry AND warm, just by adding a fuzzy, warm pair of socks under your boots.  You can also buy the special lining sold at select shoe stores!

Rain boots used to be seen as ugly and “out of place” with most outfits, but now they are actually becoming a fashion statement with all of the patterns and colors they are available in.  Find the boots at Target, Forever 21, or other discount stores, or even splurge on a pair of Coach rain boots.  Whatever you pay, the boots last a long time, and are well worth the dollar amount.

Rain boots are here to save your feet, and the lives of your shoes!

Stay dry during the rain/sleet/snow this winter.  Shop on, shoelovers, and save those dollars this holiday season!

Keeping your best shoe forward,


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OVER THE TOP…of the knee

Boots, boots, and more boots.  They’re what everyone seems to be rocking this season.  New styles, such as open toed boots, miniature booties, and cowboy boots are all unique and very fashionable, but they borderline “safe” when compared to the latest daredevil look…

As often becomes the trend, bigger is better… Prepare for your legs to be elongated by the newest risky trend appearing all over runways, the sidewalks of Paris, and even here in the Midwest. Slide your feet (and calves, and knees) into the best statement piece since the big headband.

If you can rock a pair of skinny jeans with boots over your knees, do it.  You’ll be sure to stand out from the rest with these eye catching numbers.  Don’t overwear the trend; they are more of a once in a while item, because in them you’ll be going ALL OUT.  In other words, they’re not an every day on the town boot.  They may seem impractical, but once you wear them and see how great you can truly feel in them, you’ll be glad you took the fashion risk, and spent the money.  Pick a color that goes with the most items in your wardrobe.

Black is always slimming…

Brown/Tan/Chesnut looks great with neutral shades…

Gray really cannot do you wrong.

Any other color may give a cheap vibe, so stick to the neutrals because of the large amount of fabric.

Shop on, shoe 

Keeping your best shoe forward,


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Ugg Boots, meet Jimmy Choo

People will say what they wish about Ugg boots… some find them to be teetering on an abyss of a fashion crisis, UGGly, or sloppy, while others deem them practical, comfortable, and cute.  The suede numbers definitely keep the feet warm, and this season you can find Ugg boots to be in a variety of new, updated styles.

Nobody would dare dis Jimmy Choo, legendary shoe enthusiast/designer, right?  Well then whoever came up with the idea for a line of Uggs designed with Jimmy Choo must be some kind of genius.

It’s a cold November day, and I’m walking into Nordstrom at the Mall of America, and the first display that I see in the first floor doorway is a round table covered in Jimmy Choo Uggs.  I melt, and begin trotting to the display… I pick my favorite boot to do the thing I dread the most about shopping: the examination of the price tag.  Sure enough, the Couture designer name Jimmy Choo on the Ugg label ups the ante.  The average price for the boots is $600.  :/ But a girl can dream…dream of Ugg & Jimmy Choo boots dazzling her feet and even keeping them warm while doing so.

I may even take the liberty of creating a pair of KK Designs & Ugg to take my plain Uggs from sloppy to suave.  In this MN winter, my toes need to stay warm somehow!

If the price of these boots scares you off, perhaps another newer style from UGG Australia will suit your fancy and keep your feet fashionable, and your wallet a little more plump…

Remember, Uggs aren’t just for girls, and the line also has a fabulous collection of warm, fuzzy slippers!

Check them out, and shop on, shoe lovers!

Keeping your best shoe forward,



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Different is Beautiful

It’s time to branch out. Want to rock out in kicks that nobody else will have? What’s the first step? Find shoe enthusiasts who care for unique, well-crafted, fashionable footwear as much as you do!

Great places to start:
Independent buyers, designers, etc.

My company, Kelly Kusilek Designs Jewelry, has now expanded from creating/designing personalized jewelry to footwear and other accessories, such as headbands, clutches, wallets, headbands, etc. (pretty much everything girls lovvve)
For information about KK Designs’ newest items, visit the Facebook page, “KK DESIGNS JEWELRY”, because my on-site selling is usually home-parties or at events around MN. So far, I’ve made personalized gladiator sandals, moccasins, and flats. Check them out!

Another great store, which (thank goodness) has a website online, is Kick, which is located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, right in the hopping downtown area. If you get the opportunity, check out the store. You will never see anything like it; its interior is BEAUTIFUL and Victorian, artsy, fun, and the perfect environment for shoe shopping. Check out the website: http://www.shopkickshoes.com and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Be bold, and be different, especially when your outfit needs a little spice! Shop on, shoe lovers.

Keeping your best shoe forward,

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These boots…are not just for cowboys anymore…

Don’t have a horse to saddle up?  Don’t have any chores to do?  So what…you can still rock cowboy boots.  The western look is all over the runway this fall, so find the pair that you like the most, and rock out: down the sidewalks, down the hallways, or out dancing.  Pair the boots with a fun dress, a cute pair of jeans, or even some “daisy dukes”.

My dad, being the cowboy that he is, naturally sported a brand new pair of ostrich cowboy boots for my sister’s wedding this past weekend.  He was dressed in a suit, head to toe, but the boots made the outfit.  They were black, dressy, and coincidentally “in style”.   To the rehearsal dinner the evening before the wedding, my dad and my uncle wore dressy jeans, nice dress shirts, and rockin’ boots, which looked totally suave, and fitted them to boot.  ; )

When my dad had his final fitting before the wedding, he was wearing his boots for length purposes, and the lady taking down his final measurements called him “the guy with the cool shoes”.  Not five minutes later, a girl walked into the Wedding Shop wearing a dress and cowboy boots of her own, but hers were not because she was a cowgirl; she sported the boots because they’re in style.  I pointed her out to my dad, and said, “look dad, you’re in style.”

The latest cowboy boot trend can be found at any department store; Nordstrom, being the always-up-to-date display of style that it is carries many brands at various price ranges of the boots, and others are available almost anywhere that carries stylish footwear, at a large variety of prices.  Some of the boots are totally cowboy boot looking, and others are less so, but still have that western edge.  Find pointy-toed boots, boots with designs, or whatever suits your fancy.  If you’re really brave, check out ACTUAL cowboy/riding boots from a western store or catalog.  Rod’s Western Wear and NRS world are great places to look. Some common brands are Justin, Ariat, or Lucchese. Another newer line of boots with a twist is Tin Haul Company.  They have the same bottoms that are on snowboards!  I have a pair and LOVE them.  I wear them fashionably, but I also wear them when I ride or am out with the horses. 

Be brave with your footwear, and yeeehawwww!

Keeping your best shoe (or boot!) forward,


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Heels, Heels, the Magical Shoe. The More Pairs You Own, the More Chic You’ll Feel…

It’s a Friday night, and I’m getting ready to go out with my girlfriends.  One of the first questions we exchange with one another is, “Are you wearing heels tonight?”  It is a decision that will frame many aspects of the night: the outfit to match the shoes, whether or not we will be walking or driving to our evening’s various locations, and what we want to look like in pictures… Nobody wants to be the giant, but then again nobody wants to be the shorty while everyone else’s legs resemble those of a tall goddess. *note: Nude/beige/taupe/tan shoes give the illusion of longer legs because they match skins tones best.  Rock your nude colored shoes and keep your legs looking sleek and long! 😉

Available @ Nordstrom. $68.95

Available @ DSW. On sale $69.95


Heels, it’s true are not right for every outfit.  If you’re wearing a dress to a nice dinner, a wedding, or when going out with friends, heels are a YES with your dress.

At 5’4”, I find heels to be my most flattering shoe.  The inches add on the perfect illusion to my legs.  Some that I own, I have actually found to be very comfortable as well.  So it’s a win-win situation when I’ve nailed the comfort factor.

Even though I feel heels flatter me most, I don’t always prefer them over my flat gladiator sandals, my Sperrys, or just a simple pair of flats.  There are nights when I can’t last five minutes in heels because of the pain they cause my feet and back.  I try to save heels for important nights out, but if you ever feel you need a lift, or really want to wow, slip your feet into some magical heels. Heel up, shoe lovers!

Keeping your best shoe forward,


Enjoy the pictures of some of my favorite heels, all of which are very appropriate for this time of year.


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Sperry’d Away

What’s the deal with the nautical looking boater’s shoe?  Wearers of the Sperry Topsider “A Passion for the Sea” shoes rave that the shoes exhibit comfort, classic style, and a sporty finish with any outfit.

I first saw the shoes because my grandpa, who is all about running his horse sale/show and trailer sales businesses, but also finds time for leisure and poolside afternoons, has sported them since I can remember as a little girl.  They always look so crisp on his tanned feet, from the hours he spends outdoors, and winters he spends in the heat of the Florida Keys.  The shoes, I have since discovered, have been around since 1935, and were created by Paul Sperry to be worn during activity in and around boats.  The bottoms of the shoes work great for slippery environments because of their traction.

This past spring, I began recognizing the sailboat label, as well as the tan shades of the “classic” shoes, on my college campus as a few individuals would sport them to classes and school events.  Then this summer, at a rodeo in Wyoming, I saw girls and boys alike lounging around in their work clothes and Sperry shoes, or going out dressed to the nines, in their Sperry kicks.

When I headed to my place of summer employment one July afternoon, I brought up the shoes that had sparked such an interest in my curious-natured mind, and learned that one of my oldest friends (also a coworker) had a couple of pairs, one a classic look, and another a HIGH TOP pair, with gray cheetah printed on the flaps.  Hearing this caught my interest, because she had one of the most hip, yet unique styles of any of my friends.

Another of my good friends had a pair and was planning to buy a “fun” version soon.  I’d decided a few weeks before I’d like a pair of my own, and typical me, I bought a classic tan “Angelfish” pair.  Maybe eventually I’ll buy a “fun” pair, with some kind of design.  For my first pair however, I wanted to be reminded of my grandpa whenever I wore them, and I also thought it was the most fair way to test the wear-ability of the shoes by opting for a classic look.  When I buy an expensive purse, I opt for brown, black, or gray.  Similarly, when I buy a pair of nice shoes, I automatically go for the classic shade.

Sure enough, when I bought the shoes form Nordstrom and my grandpa next came over and saw me wearing them, he commented right away.  “I have those shoes, the exact same ones…they’re so comfortable.  I can’t believe you have them too!” he remarked.

Midsummer, at a movie with friends, “Charlie St. Cloud,” starring drool-worthy Zac Effron, each of the sail boat owning characters sported the Sperry Topsiders. The movie advertised the shoes by displaying posters at the boating events in the background of many scenes.  This brought more attention to the classic shoe brand.  Obviously the movie represented the shoes at a perfect time; walking into department stores, Journey’s Shoes, and other popular shoe stores, a large display of the shoes could (and can) be found.  Now the sailboat isn’t only recognized by the longtime fans of the shoes, or just by boaters, but also by Zac Effron fans, fashion buffs, and anyone who cares to research/invest in a comfortable, unique, cute shoe.

I can speak for myself, as well as each of my friends that have a pair of the shoes, that they are completely comfortable and are convenient to slip on, as they are classy and neutral.  I wear the shoes with shorts, jeans, dresses, etc. because I can’t get enough of them.  I love wearing them when I walk to campus, because they are supportive but breathable.  Each time I’ve worn them, girls in my classes will comment on them, and declare that they’ve been thinking about buying a pair as well.

The more I look around, the more I notice the shoes on male feet, paired with jeans, shorts, or comfortable clothes.

The classic shoes are trendy for the times, but will not fade away, as they have many loyal wearers.  I only have one pair, but I know it won’t be my only.  If you’re looking for a fashionable, cute, classy, nautical shoe, SPERRY TODAY! Even if you don’t fancy the classic looks, shop the website for more looks, that are more personable to you, and you won’t be disappointed as these shoes always deliver quality.

Keeping your best shoe forward,


PS… A few tips!:

Order the shoes a half size smaller than what you’d normally buy, wear the shoes with or without socks, but the best sock for the shoe are the no-show fit.

Check out the websiteeee! 🙂


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Blue Suede Shoes

We all know the song Elvis covered and made famous, Blue Suede Shoes, right?  Well…the song is not just relevant to the fifties anymore, as blue suede numbers make their way onto store shelves and into designers’ newest fall lines of footwear.

Could it be that royal blue is the perfect pop of color to be paired with the season’s hottest ensembles in plain shades of gray and black?  The two colors have been seen over and over again as the staples for chic glamor this fall, and a bright blue standout accessory like a kickin’ pair of heels is the perfect duo for a balanced look.

Walking into Nordstrom about two weeks ago, my eyes were drawn immediately to the shoe section because of a fleck of royal blue that came from the designer collection.  It was the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen; crafted perfectly with its shape, texture, and gems as detailing.  I hadn’t seen this daring shade of blue very often prior to this shopping experience, but then when I returned to the MOA this past weekend, I noticed (and drooled over) several pairs of beautiful blue heels, most of which were suede.

Because my favorite colors of clothing to wear are black, white, and gray, I find it 100% necessary to purchase a pair of the “blues” when I find the pair that is just right for my style and my budget ( I just haven’t found them yet).  If heels aren’t your thing, the blue color also looks great in a “flat” version.

Be daring, love your life, and shop on, shoe lovers!

Keeping your best shoe forward,



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FALL-ing for the latest shoe trend

October is a tricky month, shoe-wise. While some of us are ready to pull out our UGG boots and feel cozy and warm, simultaneous to the leaves changing colors, others of us still hope to flaunt our sexy deep crimson pedicures in a pair of peep toe pumps.

The weather in Minnesota is ever-unpredictable at this time of year (moreover, all times of the year), so it’s tough to know when my toes will be frozen off or if I will have sweaty, puffy feet stuffed into warm socks and boots. October shows the entire US a new breeze of cooler air, not MN alone. Sexy heels make a girl feel sophisticated and glam, opposed to clunky, closed toed shoes that play for team “unflattering”. Hot fashionable boots are all the rage this fall, paired with jeans and skirts alike, but they seem too wintry for this time.

Turns out, fashionistas like myself can have the best of both worlds. Whether you’re heading to work, or to a show out on the town, the newest fall trend is PERFECT for the weather. They also pair up perfectly with the latest hot-body item in fashion: skinny jeans.

The featured shoe item doesn’t necessarily have a name, other than “open toe boots” or “peep toe booties”, but they cover the foot, keeping it insulated just enough with fashionable prints, patterns, fabrics, etc., but still have a little peep toe, just big enough to flaunt the latest OPI nail polish shade for fall. They truly are the best of both worlds.

I have included pictures of a few styles of the shoes, one splurge item, one moderately priced, and one bargain find. Shoe lovers enjoy!

Keeping your best shoe forward,

Available @ Nordstrom, MAXSTUDIO 'Zimbabive' Boot, $118.95

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Hello world!

I just wanted to welcome fellow bloggers and readers to my new blog, “SHoE-iN”.  I call myself “bestshoeforward” because as a new shoe blogger, I feel it my responsibility to keep readers up to date with what’s happening in the fashion world.  I’m just living on the budget of a “poor college student,” but I have expensive taste and I still like to look good.  For this reason, I make sure to find shoes at every price range.  Shop on, shoe lovers!

Keeping your best shoe forward,


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